As an artist I am inspired by the world around me; I find inspiration everywhere. I am always creating work that can transmit the same feeling or essence I find in objects.
Working with nature has always been one of my favourite interests as an artist. As a young child I collected many flowers, that my mother used to dry and then hang them around the house.
I have decided to work with roses as it was someones favourite flower closest to me, my grandmother. My grandmother was my main inspiration as we used flowers, precisely the rose ,her favourite flower, to help her remember of her past due to her Alzheimers. Although memories can fade and be distorted between reality and fantasies, memories are the imperfect portrayal of that of the past which is reconstructed and reinterpreted over time. Through research I have identified that over a period of time memories are vulnerable to corruption and because of this I have decided to create my work in mixed media, mostly metal that is easy to change form but hard to destruct over time, the complete opposite of the flowers fragile and delicate form. Even though a rose goes through the process of ageing rather quickly, I wanted to be sure that my pieces of work would not ‘die’ over time but remain in the appearance that I have left them in, making sure that the essence of the flower remains. I wanted to find the beauty created by nature and re-create those forms in a material that would take a long course before it would change colour or form.
I believe that memories are what makes an individual whist growing up, affecting the person they become when they are older as if memories are the backbones of each one of us. Memories are a way of holding on to the things you love and never want to lose.