Vienna barbetti is a 23 year old fine artist originally from Florence, Italy, born on 24/07/1992. In 1998 Vienna and her family moved to London to start a new life there.  Influenced by her grandfather and father, Vienna has always been around artists, intriguing her into becoming an artist herself. Due to this, art has always been her main subject into which she graduated in BA Fine Art in July 2015.  Before deciding to choose her Fine Art Degree, Vienna attended Greenwich University studying architecture, however she then realised that her true dedication was for art and decided to go ahead and follow her true passion. Through her artwork she is able to express her feelings through the realisation of simple works such as her metal roses. Nonetheless, Vienna is also very involved with her paintings and photography to boost her creativity while working on sculptures.  Vienna has participated in smaller exhibitions whilst in college and in her foundation course at Camberwell University of Arts. At Middlesex University she was really able to spread her wings and understand what her art was really about and experiment in a way she was not able to do before. The last year of university has helped Vienna to understand how exhibitions are put together and understand the curating part of it. Her last exhibition at The Old Truman Brewery, London, opened a door for her that will help her through her future exhibitions.